Proving once more that true love never dies -- especially when it keeps one of you relevant and is better for the other's image than boning reality stars -- Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back together for the 49,723rd time.

That's a big may, though, because the evidence is murky and inconclusive so far. Here's what we all do know:

Cameras snapped Gomez leaving Bieber's house accompanied by his bodyguard, but it's hard to tell why she was actually there since they're so on-and-off all the time. It could be a reunion, but it could also be breakup sex or just returning his Hammer pants that he left at her place.

Last we heard before this, Gomez was trashing everything Bieber ever gave her. It's possible that she just realized that 'Spring Breakers' is hitting screens soon. Just like it's possible that Bieber realized that being snapped with sizzurp may cost him some concert ticket sales.

Here's hoping they either stick it out for longer than 10 minutes or just call it quits for good this time, because this back and forth is exhausting. For us. Because by the time you finish reading this sentence, they'll probably split again.