Justin Bieber is dropping a clip from his upcoming 'Believe' film, in theaters Christmas Day, every Friday.

So we have #MusicMondays and #FilmFridays. That's a whole lot of Biebs in our lives and we are not complaining. The more, the Biebbier!

Today's (Oct. 18) clip is '#Smile,' and finds the singer talking about how he has to smile through the tough times, due to his station in life as, you know, the biggest teen pop dude on the planet.

"You always gotta keep a smile on your face, through all the negativity," the singer says. "You gotta hide your emotions sometimes, especially for me, going on stage… I could be going through a big argument and I'm like, 'I am about to go on stage right now...' Then I have to go up and rise up on the toaster, and it's like I'm upset and I don't want to have to smile and put on a happy...and be…but sometimes you gotta just suck it up. That's just one of the things you gotta deal with being in this position, in this world, in this industry."

When he speaks about having an argument, he makes the hand sign with his phone, indicating that he could be fighting on the phone via text or via talking during an argument. With Selena, maybe?

The action then cuts to a scene of the singer catapulting on the stage via the "toaster."

It's not easy being Justin Bieber and this clip certainly humanizes him. He may have bad days but he often has to hide them and keep up appearances, since his fans are counting on him being The Biebs. That's the ultimate in self-sacrifice.

The Biebs also revealed the title of this coming Monday's (Oct. 21) #MusicMondays song. It's 'Hold Tight.'