Justin Bieber got another new tattoo. The singer, who has been working on a sleeve on one of his arms, debuted a graffiti-inspired, black and grey tattoo on his forearm.

The latest piece of skin art is inspired by graffiti artist Banksy and his 'Girl With a Balloon' image, which features a sketched girl losing her cherry-red, heart-shaped balloon in the wind. You can learn more about it here.

The Biebs, 20, captioned the pic of the tattoo a bit philosophically, writing, "Don't let your dreams float away."

Point taken.

The Biebs, whose ink collection includes a rendering of his mother Pattie's eye, Jesus Christ, the word 'Believe' and more, went artsy and cool with this particular tattoo. It seems like this particular sketch has a lot of meaning for him.

Click the blue button below to see JB's latest tattoo. He sure is amassing a lot, almost as many as the One Direction dudes, who seem to find themselves at tattoo parlors with increasing frequency, save for Niall Horan.

But as for The Biebs? Dream on!