Lady Gaga made her SXSW performance debut last night (March 13), getting down and dirty with her long white dreads. The perf was fueled by the requisite artistic drama that usually surrounds her. But it was a hot mess, literally, as she had someone vomit all over her and she spun on a rotisserie herself.

Ma Monster made sure it was an unforgettable performance, but not in the best possible way, either.

Gaga performed 'Aura' while being grilled, spinning on a rotisserie. She was strapped in and acrobatic, but it felt like she was trying too hard. Granted, she was performing at Stubb's and in Austin, but it was a bit too literal.

For 'Swine,' a sonically harsh song, she smashed away at the drums wearing a white apron while she had a female waltzing on stage and throwing up on her. No, seriously. The woman onstage drank a green liquid and stuck her fingers in her mouth and puked all over Gaga during 'Swine.'

She also played a piano atop a bucking mechanical bull. That was fun and over-the-top.

As much as we love Gaga, this performance felt like she jumped the shark. She was trying to be crazy outrageous, but the vomiting was too much. Projectile performance art is unnecessary when you are as talented as she is.

There were some highlights, yes. The performance of 'Dope' was powerful and emotional, and she turned SXSW into a rave during 'Jewels N' Drugs.' Also, 'Manicure' was great because it seemed to be the least gimmicky of her jams when she rocked the hell out.

Her biggest hit 'Bad Romance' got a bit of a twangy makeover with fiddles.


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