Justin Timberlake pretty much co-hosted last night's (Dec. 21) episode of 'SNL' with Jimmy Fallon, since he appeared in the 'Wrappingville' cold open, impersonated J. Fal in the 'Celebrity Family Feud' skit and reprised his role as the now-late Robin Gibb in 'The Barry Gibb Talk Show' sketch, which were the first three sketches. But he also offered two distinctly different presentations as musical guest.

For his first song as musical guest, JT performed a laser light-driven rendition of 'Only When I Walk Away, which surprised us, since we were expecting 'TKO,' his current single. He was introduced by his good buddy Fallon and Madonna, who cameoed on the talk show!

It was a futuristic performance and you wouldn't know it was 'SNL,' since the familiar stage was dressed in lights and projections. If you didn't know it was 'SNL,' you wouldn't know it was 'SNL.'

But it was excellent.

JT later returned to the stage to perform 'A Pair of Wings,' which was much more subdued and low key, but equally as awesome. He even strummed an acoustic guitar.

It was two different presentations but both worked.

Watch Justin Timberlake Perform 'A Pair of Wings' on 'SNL'