If you worship Kanye West, then you are going to love this item. Three crafty entrepreneurs have created a book made for disciples of the almighty Yeezy. The Book of Yeezus is a coffee table book, which remixes the Book of Genesis in the Bible by replacing every mention of God with the words “Kanye” or “Yeezus.”

“In the beginning Kanye created the heaven and the earth...and Kanye said, Let there be light: and there was light,” reads the first passage in the modified book.

On the creators’ Etsy page, they explained why they chose Mr. West as their subject for this G.O.O.D. Book. (See what we did there?)

This book wasn’t made to make fun at Kanye, or really even show or undying devotion towards him. Book of Yeezus represents a fresh take on what the Bible could look like in our modern world. It is a statement - an editorial art piece.

Bound in a black hardcover with gold-leaf imprinting, the book features a 300-word forward examining Kanye West’s impact on popular culture and the “outsized significance he plays in our lives.”

“For this generation, Generation Y, Kanye West is not only its greatest spectacle, but in some senses, a spiritual figure,” reads the description.

If you are in search of some spiritual enlightenment through the prism of Kanye West, you can cop the Book of Yeezus here.

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