Kanye West said it best in his latest song "Feedback": "Name one genius who ain't crazy." This week has been a whirlwind for Ye and his stans as he dropped his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo.

Although anything Kanye-related is generally newsworthy, his album release is just one of the monumental Yeezy-related moments to happen this week. Between celebratory statuses and in what seems like a public breakdown, The Boombox is breaking down the craziest (or genius) things said by and about 'Ye this week. Check it out below.


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    100 Grammys

    It's no secret that Kanye sets a high bar for himself -- lest we forget his presidential bid for 2020 is still looming in the air. On Monday (Feb. 15), 'Ye tweeted that he will have 100 Grammys before he passes. With 21 Grammy Awards under his belt already (and 57 lost), he is already one fifth of the way there. But considering that Georg Solti holds the most with 31 -- it may prove to be hard to accomplish for the 38-year-old rhymer and producer. But nothing is impossible, right?

    Also, it's noteworthy to mention that in the same tweet, it read that he didn't get nominated for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Watch the Throne when both did get a Grammy nod. The former of which won Best Rap Album in 2012.


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    2016's Walt Disney

    Kanye West has definitely brought a bunch of "dope s---" into the world but when he tweeted that he's "this generation's Disney…," we have to question him. According to Yeezy, he hasn't reached the same level of success because he doesn't have "enough resources to create what I really can." We hear ya, Kanye.

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    "Famous" Was Taylor's Idea

    After calling Taylor Swift a bitch on "Famous," Kanye West tweeted that not only did he not "diss Taylor Swift," it was her idea. But it's hard for us to believe the "Bad Blood" singer came up with the infamous line. "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? /  I made that bitch famous,” raps Kanye on the track.

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    Asking Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion

    Earlier on Monday (Feb. 15), Kanye asked Mark Zuckerberg for help since the Facebook creator is a fan of the Chicago rhymer. He also threw a shout out to Larry Page, co-founder of Google. While Kanye may have a point here, $1 billion is a pretty steep price to ask to fund his various, elusive "ideas." But things went south as he tweeted "you’d rather open up one school in Africa like you really helped the country…" Aside from the fact that Africa is not a country, this is really peak Kanye. It seems 'Ye also forgot that it's all about the kids.

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    Rhymefest Says Kanye West Needs Help

    Above all else, it's hard to tell if Kanye is spiraling out of control or is just misunderstood. Either way, we have to agree with Rhymefest, one of West's closest collaborators. "My brother needs help, in the form of counseling,” read a surprising tweet by the rhymer. He also tweeted that 'Ye's "mind and spirit isn’t right" and that he has to get away from "yes men." Rhymefest, who stopped working with Kanye one month ago, may have something there.