1) You want to be a famous singer, work for it, live it, it happens, you get the awards and then you hate it, hate the media that has made you famous, hate your parents who helped you become a superstar.

Lesson: Superstar singing is not a forced prision sentence- own the life you chose.

2) Don't judge me- it's the way of the world. If you do articles about the importance of losing weight or changing your body which Leann did often when she first lost weight then people are going to pay attention to the very thing you called attention to.

Leann Rimes Facebook

Lesson: Be careful the attention you seek ,  it may be the thing that drives you crazy.

3)Stealing people's spouses is an epic KARMA blower. No matter how you justify it, call it love, rationalize it. The truth is you took a lie and deception and turned it into a relationship. Any less self-centered person could see the mess before they created it, walked into it and called it LOVE. An adult thinks of others and the well being of children in a relationship. Again any thought one has of breaking up a relationship for their own gain is not something I admire!

Lesson: A lie,deception, desire to hide the truth always hurts. Destroying someone's family is never justified. Having a deep need to get what you want by any mean's regardless of others is a problem.

Leann Rimes, I was once a fan but as you said last night in your E! interview "you don't know who you are". Your life is speaking really loudly and I would put all of that responsibility in your hands- not your parents, ex-husband,media, fans or Brandi Glanville.