With Battle Rounds over, we're left with 5 members of each team. Unfortunately, only 3 can move on to the Live Shows.

The playoffs saw all 5 members of each team sing, putting the pressure on the coach to pick the best team for the live shows.

ND Native Kat Perkins takes on a very difficult song for her playoff performance, picking "Open Arms" by Journey.

When critiquing the performance, all Adam could say was "There has not been a better performance than this one thus far." Usher added to that, saying her performance was "Flawless"

But with 5 strong performances from #TeamAdam tonight, Kat's flawless performance wasn't a lock to move on.

Adam takes his time picking his top 3. He started by picking Christina, followed by Delvin. After a dramatic pause, and a small heart attack from me, Adam picks Kat to join the team for the live rounds!

Congrats to Kat!

Check out the performances from Christina and Delvin below.