Katy Perry's 'Prism' promo truck -last seen at Graceland- was involved in an accident today (Aug. 9). The gold truck, which has been traveling cross-country to promote the singer's upcoming album, out Oct. 22, was hit by a drunk driver. Well, that's one way to spoil the promotional fun.

The Perry vehicle was hit while stationary in a Walmart parking lot in Pennsylvania this afternoon, with the cab sustaining significant damage. Those inside the truck were not injured, thankfully, as Perry's driver was actually inside the Walmart at the time of the incident.

The drunk driver fled the scene after smashing into the Perry truck, but quickly returned to own up to what he had done, according to TMZ.

But it sucks that the pretty gold truck took such a hit.

Let's hope that's not an omen or a bad sign for Perry's album.

It's sorta scary to think someone was drunk driving in a Walmart parking lot in the middle of the day. We're glad no one was injured and hope they do a gold-plated patch job on Perry's vehic.