Katy Perry is hard at work on her third album, the followup to the smash 'Teenage Dream,' and she revealed that she treats her job like, well, a job: She sets her deadlines and meets them, or else. Oh, and her job is to write about double rainbows.


Perry said that working with songwriter Bonnie McKee is always an adventure, and this one happened to end with a song title inspired by the infamous viral video. "Bonnie and I argue (like) we’re in the ring fighting for the best lyric. We presented ‘Teenage Dream’ three times (before it was recorded),” she admitted to Billboard. “She came in from a yoga class and said, 'I want to write a song called 'Double Rainbow.'' So we have a song called ‘Double Rainbow.’”

As for her other collaborators? Perry, whose real name is Katheryn Hudson, has a bit of a hypocritical view on that. “I wouldn't meet Dr. Luke for six months because I knew he wasn't really a doctor," she revealed. "What’s wrong with your first and last name? Why do they have to be from outer space?”

Perry revealed that her dream team of Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Greg Wells will appear on her upcoming record as well -- because why mess with a formula if it works so well?

“[Wells] allows me to vomit words," she explained. "Not that I can’t find that with other but he just lets me [makes retching sound]. Max and Luke push me the most. As a team we have certain strengths. With Max, it’s melody choices, Luke is production and I’m topline and melody.”

When can we expect the album? Pretty soon, as she says she's about halfway done with it. "When I put myself on a timeline, when I tell the record company when I want to release the album, that’s when the race starts,” Perry said. “That’s when I put pressure on myself.”

As for her proudest songwriting achievement? A little old ditty about feeling like a plastic bag. “'Firework' is the most important song I've written,” she said earnestly. "Performing it with an autistic girl accompanying her on piano and vocal harmony at a fundraiser was “the most important performance of my career so far.”

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