That cat lover Katy Perry has dropped the third teaser from her new single 'ROAR,' out Aug. 12. While the first saw her ignite her 'California Gurl' image and its wig, and the second found her laying that persona to rest at a funeral, Perry isn't even in this clip. But some music is!

This teaser, dubbed 'From a Meow to a Roar,' features a fluffy, cranky and curious white cat who chews on a feather, swallows it and lets out a lion's roar. What a terrifying feline, who is likely Perry's, uh, alter ego.

The clip ends with a "whoa oh oh oh" vocal and a HINT of music. We're talking nanoseconds. It sounds upbeat, judging from an extremely limited sample, but that is usually what we expect from Perry. But all these visual teasers indicate that there will be darkness.

So either Perry is trolling us or playing with our emotions, like cat stalking a mouse. Or she really is changing things up.

We can't wait to hear this lioness let out a primal 'ROAR' on Aug. 12.