Both Penelope and Raspy are the chillest animals in the world. Seriously, neither one of them usually have a care in the world. All they care about is food, sunbathing, and cuddles. However, when it comes to fireworks, they can't maintain their normal calm, cool, and collected composure.

So, while I love a good Fourth of July celebration, I feel for my (fur)kids. I know this fear pets have of fireworks is not abnormal, but it's hard to comfort them when they can't understand. Thankfully, KFYR-TV has some information on helping those nervous pets during a firework-filled weekend.

KFYR-TV talked with a doctor at Pinkerton Animal Hospital in Minot about precautions pet owners should take. Dr. Audrey Raby recommends leaving frightened pets in the comfort of home instead of taking them to fireworks shows. Also, Dr. Raby says that microchips and tags should be up-to-date in the event your pet gets scared and runs off out of fear from the fireworks. Get the story here.

I tend to leave Penelope and Raspy at home during fireworks shows, but it is hard for them to hand the fireworks even in the comfort of their own place. However, I have learned that a good and loud wall unit air conditioner works wonders for drowning out the pops and bangs.

What do you do to comfort your pet when they are freaking out about the loud sounds?

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