A company out of Fargo is looking to fund a project that will give viewers a virtual reality tour of the most scenic locations in North Dakota.

The company, known as "Be More Colorful," is looking to raise $20,000 through their Kickstarter campaign to start the project, which will give all those who haven't had a chance to experience some of the wonders of North Dakota, a fully interactive 360 degree view in virtual reality.

Should you be wanting to get behind the campaign, you can also have some input as to what attractions in North Dakota will be scene through the experience. An example is posted on the Kickstarter page, which happens to feature a full 360 degree virtual reality viewing of the Capitol building, here in Bismarck.

If the funding goal is reached, a minimum of 10 scenic locations will be the focus of the experience, where at least 200 premium 360 degree scenes will be taken for each location. So far, contenders for the scenic locations include Medora, International Peace Garden, Knife River Indian Villages, Garrison Dam, Lake Sakakawea State Park, Maah Daah Hey Trail, and Lake Metigoshe State Park.

If you have a suggestion for a good virtual reality location in North Dakota, you can contact the company via email: info@bemorecolorful.com, on their Facebook page, or simply through their Kickstarter page.

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