Kim Kardashian, who once encouraged Andy Cohen to take a photo of her ass on Watch What Happens Live, and who infamously broke the internet with an image of her bare behind, cries every day about the size of her backside, she said on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

On the Sunday night (September 9) show (you can catch a video recap here), Kim's sister Kourtney made the following observation:

“Kim, when you sit down your butt looks so huge."

The women's mother chimed in to point out the comment wasn't "very nice," to which Kourtney responded: “[Kim] likes having a big butt, I’m not saying anything offensive,”

Kim, though, had this to say:

“No I don’t! I cry about it on the daily!"


This has been an update on Kim Kardashian's ass and whether Kim Kardashian's ass is huge and — if Kim Kardashian's ass is huge — whether she likes that.

An Ode to the Celeb Butt:

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