If there's one thing that's important while pregnant, it's dressing well -- at least to Kim Kardashian. So to achieve that goal, she's taking cues from fashionista Victoria Beckham.

Too bad she didn't do that before getting dressed for New Year's Eve.

Rather than reading up on what to expect while she's expecting (because that's what assistants are for), Kim has been poring over photos of Beckham during her three pregnancies to figure out how to address her ever-expanding body. Priorities!

“Kim spent hours with her mum, Kris Jenner, and her glam squad going through pictures of what Victoria wore during all her pregnancies,” a source said, adding, “She wants to look classy and not frumpy while carrying her child.” Since, you know, that's what being knocked up is all about.

Despite focusing on the superficial, there is one thing Kim and baby daddy Kanye West won't do, and that's sell photos of their baby for fun and profit. Well, not yet anyway.

An overseas tabloid recently offered the couple $3 million (one of many offers for the first photos of their baby) but Kimye declined, with yet another source saying they don't plan to sell photographs to anyone.

At least not for that paltry sum. Step it up, tabloids! Kim and Kanye will need a million bucks for a nursery alone if they have any hope of keeping up with the Joneses Jay-Zs.