Kim Kardashian is occasionally forced to make difficult choices for all the world to hear and pass judgment on -- like, if she had to choose a favored fast food between McDonald's and unspecified Chinese takeout, which would she pick?

Kim was asked that very question during a rousing game of Would You Rather with Vogue style editor Edward Barsamian for the launch of the magazine's new Snapchat Discover channel.

Embodying the spirit of normal people everywhere, the reality star responded, "Ugh, both. At the same time."

But Kim, well aware that her answer was not a sufficient one, eventually pushed herself to settle on a singular food option, saying, "No, probably McDonald's."

Things then took a turn for the confusing when she backtracked again, realizing any finality in regards to fast food is likely fleeting. "Or -- I don't know, both, so good," she continued, clearly torn between the two before ultimately deciding, "but McDonald's I'll go with."

Kim's other choices weren't met with nearly as much internal conflict, though the questions offered were significantly less controversial.

When asked whether she'd rather live without air conditioning and heat or Internet, selfie queen Kim answered, "Live without air conditioning and heat, for sure. Dewy is good, we can put on some nice coats, all good."

And when faced with the decision between having the ability to be invisible or the ability to fly, Kim opts for flight -- all for the good of her daughter, North.

"Be able to fly for the day, for sure," she said. "North said she wanted to fly up to heaven on a plane to see her grandmother for her birthday. So we could just fly and I could go check it out."

Check out a clip over on Just Jared or see Kim's full game of Would You Rather over on Vogue's Snapchat Discover channel.

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