Kirsten Dunst has landed herself in hot water after making controversial remarks about traditional gender roles to Harpers Bazaar UK

The bubbly blonde 'Bring it On' star graces the cover of the mag's May issue, looking carefree and feminine surrounded by flowers and rocking gorgeously tousled platinum locks. However, the inside of the magazine paints a darker picture of the actress, who stunned many with her more traditional take on gender roles.

"I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued," she revealed to the magazine. "We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mom created."

Fair enough, but feminism is all about choice. There's a big difference in choosing to be a stay-at-home mom or housewife -- but it's another thing to be forced into it due to societal pressures. And of course, just because a woman works doesn't mean she is any less "traditionally feminine" -- or that she doesn't have time for comforting rituals, like cooking and spending time with her family.

But Dunst wasn't finished explaining her thoughts on gender roles.

"And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armor," Dunst, who is dating actor Garrett Hedlund, surmised about relationships.

"I'm sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman," she said. "That's why relationships work…"

Dunst's words certainly pack a punch. Not only do they seem outdated, but they can also be construed as homophobic, especially in a world that is quickly embracing the many different shades of feminine and masculine all across the spectrum.

PopCrushers, what do you think of Kirsten Dunst's views of traditional gender roles?

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