Do you know how to sew? If you do, you can use your talent for helping people while you're practicing social distancing. Since the Coronavirus pandemic overtook our country, there has been a lot of hoarding going on - this includes medical supplies, like face masks. Luckily, there's a fabric store that wants to help solve the face mask shortage.

JoAnn Fabrics has confirmed that they are helping the efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus. They are giving away pre-cut masks for your to sew and give to the hospital. JoAnn's will give you as many pre-cut fabric kits as you like, you take the fabric home and sew the masks, and then you can drop the masks back off at JoAnn's for them to deliver to the hospital.

JoAnn Fabrics - Bismarck:

  • Gateway Mall
    2700 State Street, Suite C
    Bismarck, ND 58503
  • (701) 255-5020

Now, I did call Bismarck's JoAnn's myself, and they actually are now down to only a few children's sewing kits. But, that doesn't mean that you can't sew your own. Check out the JoAnn's how-to video on creating a face mask from scratch:


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