Basketball player and shortest Kim Kardashian hubbie (so far) Kris Humphries is currently in the middle of an epic fight to prove Kim married him under false pretenses -- which would thus give him leverage to get a much-desired annulment.

Based on information from a "trustworthy" source, Kris “believes the key to proving that the marriage was fraudulent lies in the production and filming of the Kardashian reality shows.”

For example, after the wedding but before filming began for the fourth season of 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York,' he had some of his belongings shipped from his home in Minnesota to Kim's house in Los Angeles. “She began freaking out about it and questioning if it was a good idea for him to move in," the insider reveals.

Yes, because what could be more untoward than a married couple living together? Think of what everyone would say!

“A short time later," the source goes on, "Kim began to bombard him with text messages and phone calls ordering him to come back to New York and be with her because filming was about to start. Kris says he couldn’t believe it.” The implication here being that Kim only wanted him around when the cameras were rolling.

After about a month of marriage, Kim was filmed on the season premiere of the show complaining to Kourtney about how hard it is to live with her new husband. “I can’t live with Kris, he is such a slob ... I’m not used to someone in my space, let alone messing it all up ... I don’t know if I can live with him at home in L.A.,” she whined.

Not exactly the most damning evidence unless the court case is about Kim Kardashian being the petulant child she is. Still, Humphries' crack legal team is scouring the reality show for evidence to use in their deposition.

“The deposition will take place in the next several months, after having been postponed several times due to scheduling issues on both sides,” the source explained, saying the delay has proved beneficial for Kris and his team.

Kris also believes the family is trying to tarnish his name. In a recent episode, “Khloe is filmed complaining to Kim about how long the divorce is taking and bitching that Kris doesn’t talk, but 'barks like a dog.'"

And in an interesting twist, California law dictates that if Kris and Kim are still married when she has her adventurous baby, he'll be legally assumed to be the father.

Given his vocal proclivities, we're guessing he'll call it Rover. But who's to say. Sometimes puppies just name themselves.