Lady Gaga is all about the visuals, and the Mother Monster shared a new photo where it appears she got a new tattoo above her left elbow.

She posted the image on her Little Monsters site, writing: "My Chicago Tattoo spot Mastermind work by Scott Fizer."

Any lil monster worth their salt knows she has been spending time in Chicago since her boyfriend Taylor Kinney films his TV series 'Chicago Fire' there. She's getting up close, personal and permanent with the locals.

There appears to be a new inking above her left elbow. We can't really tell what it is, since the pic is blurry. But with 'ARTPOP' on the horizon, it could have something to do with the album's concept, theme or scope.

The (art) pop diva only tattoos the left side of her body out of respect for her old school Italian father, who isn't a big fan of tatts on his baby girl. So she pledged to only etch permanent art on one half of her body.

Speaking of Gaga's body, she flashed all of it in a performance art video for Marina Abramovic, which set the web alight with chatter earlier this week and got Deadmau5 dissing her!

Check out her 'ARTPOP' tattoo, her anchor and her Rio ink. Those are her most recent inkings.