North Dakota is not all that pet friendly of a state - especially for dogs. Dogs are not accepted in most public places. And it is hard for renters to find pet friend housing. So, imagine the stress of trying to find your place in society when the dog you own is considered a "banned" breed.

According to the Williston Herald, thirteen people have filed a federal lawsuit, against Williston, over the city's Pit Bull ban from 1987. The report describes personal accounts of discriminations for dogs that "had characteristics" of Pit Bulls. And the Williston Herald reports that the reasons for the lawsuit include:

  • The ordinance is unconstitutionally vague
  • There is no proper procedure for reversing Animal Control's decisions
  • The city has an inherently flawed system for determining if a dog a Pit Bull
  • There is no evidence that Pit Bull are more dangerous when they bite

Get the full story about the Pit Bull ban lawsuit from Williston Herald here.

As a pet owner, I relate to people struggling to find pet friendly homes. But I can't imagine not being allowed to live in an entire city because of my pet. It is not even illegal to own a true Pit Bull, but individual cities and states can discriminate based on the look of a dog?

The ASPCA says that there is no science to back up that Bully breeds are more apt to bite than any other dog breed. Any dog can bite, any dog can be aggressive. And just because a dog can maul a human does not mean it will. It has only a little to do with genetics and a lot to do with how the dog is raised and treated.

How do you feel about the discrimination against Pit Bulls?

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