On November 6th, North Dakota voters will decide whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana.

The group pushing the ballot measure acquired a total of 14,637 valid signatures, which is roughly about 1,200 more than needed to appear on the ballot in November. Secretary of State Al Jaeger confirmed the submission of the signatures on Monday (August 13th).

Should the measure pass in November, it would legalize "non-violent marijuana-related activity for anyone over 21. The legalization would make it so that limits would not be imposed on the amount of marijuana someone could grow or possess. For anyone under 21 possessing marijuana, or anyone selling it to a minor, it would be treated as if the substance was alcohol.

Legalize ND is the group that's been pushing for the ballot measure. Earlier this year, they conducted a poll showing not a majority, but a plurality of voters in North Dakota would support recreational legalization. Earlier this year, a national poll from the Pew Research Center showed 61 percent of Americans saying the recreational marijuana should be legalized.

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