We had Nardello's at the office for lunch all last week. Everyone loved it so much, that we're getting it all this week, too! Nardello's is authentic East Coast Italian food AND it's a local restaurant - both great reasons to eat there. Check out what we had for lunch last week below:

PIZZA: Nardello's serves up incredible New York Style pizza. We got the traditional cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. The crust is thin, but it's softer than traditional thin crust pizza. The sauce and cheese (and pepperoni) covered the crust, but weren't overloaded on the crust. Light, cheesy, and delicious.

I've never experienced true east coast pizza, but a coworker said the pizza is like authentic New York pizza.

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CHEESE STEAK: The next meal we got from Nardello's was the Philly Cheese Steak. We had a choice of cheese - Provolone, American, and Cheese Wiz. How fun is that, Cheese Wiz? That's the sandwich I went with and I was not disappointed.

I was super hungry this day and forgot to take a picture of my sandwich. But, trust me, my fellow cheese steak lovers with like this sandwich.

SANDWICHES: The last day we got lunch from Nardello's, we had the option of Hoagies, Meatball sandwiches, and Chicken Parmesan sandwiches. I went with the Chicken Parmesan sandwich.

The bread was soft, the sauce was flavorful, and the breaded chicken was cooked just right.

That's not even all the food options at Nardello's. You'll have to stop in a few times to try all the different menu items. I personally love the Garlic Knots.

Nardello's is located not far from Exit 157 in Bismarck. 



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