Where are you going for lunch today? If you are thinking about getting a pizza, I have the perfect place for you - Nardello's in Bismarck. The food is delicious and unique. AND Nardello's is local, and you can't beat hometown cuisine. Let me tell you what is so great about Nardello's.

When I first moved to Bismarck, I was on the lookout for delicious pizza. Since Nardello's is close to where I live, and not too far from work, it was a easy place to try during my lunch hour. The first time I tried it, I was immediately blown away with how delicious my slice of New York style pepperoni pizza tasted. I'm officially hooked, and I'm eating Nardello's all week.

We got pizza from Nardello's at the office today, and nearly every slice was gone in minutes. I told my coworkers that Nardello's had dropped off pizza for lunch, everyone rushed into the room for a humongous slice. Everyone loved it.

I'm usually a pepperoni person, but I gave the plain cheese a try today as well. Of course, both pizzas were so good. I love the thin pizza crust that's perfectly doughy with a little bit of crisp to it. The pizza sauce and cheese weren't overloaded on the crust, it was just the right amount of both. And the pepperoni slices were cooked right in to the melty, gooey cheese (my favorite part).

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Nardello's isn't just pizza, though. You can order a variety of authentic East Coast Italian food. You can even get a cannoli for dessert. They're kind of hard to resist, honestly. Take a look at the Nardello's menu here.

Nardello's is located not far from Exit 157 in Bismarck. 





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