Before the internets came creeping in, people that interacted with one another did so while undergoing the same experiences.  The business was more local. You felt like everyone you talked with understood the dire weather situation you were all in because they were experiencing it too.

I didn't reply because...y'know, I was blowing snow.

Dopes can go ahead and text and drive but I'm never going to be snow-blowing and continuing to check my phone. There's a reason I'm snow-blowing my driveway in the early afternoon. I'm wanting to get Brenda's SUV tucked away for the evening and get the first round of snow-blowing done.

It's called the first round because it's probably a 15-hour snow event today.


Meaning, your first go-round will quickly disappear under today's snow-globe Bismarck conditions. So you need to do it twice (at least) to survive and fight the next day. That is, as long as a plow comes by. Especially if you drive a car.  Cars need a little help out of the neighborhood. People from around here remember the Christmas snowstorm a few years back.  We all just waited for the plow.

I'll never criticize because I'm ALWAYS happy to see the plow.

Even if they don't use the snow gate.  I just want to get OUT! I love the plow!  Thank God for y'all! You're the greatest and smartest and best-est people of them all!  That being said, since we're friends now you should plow my street first. I'm off to go snow blow my property again.

Your online business associates don't realize your life is just not upside down, but at times truly perilous. That's cross-country communication for ya. We should all consider what others may be experiencing.  So, tell them you're in a blizzard and will get back to them later.


I wish you and yours the very best outcomes in your current winter adventures.

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