British singer-songwriter Lily Allen found herself in a war of words with British model Jourdan Dunn on Twitter.  Dunn expressed public dissatisfaction with Allen after she learned that her name was used in one of Allen's songs on her new album 'Sheezus.'

Dunn publicly asked Allen what she meant by "ugly kids" in the lyrics to the song 'Insincerely Yours,' which Dunn read as an insult to her son Riley.

"Errm @lilyallen who's 'ugly kids' was you talking about in this song??" Dunn reportedly tweeted.

Allen responded to Dunn on Twitter saying "@missjourdandunn: it's a reference something another artist said about my children on twitter. also..." and later continued "your name rhymes with 'one'. Sorry." Those tweets were later deleted but Perez Hilton took a screenshot of them before they were taken down.

Dunn then responded with what could be interpreted as a sarcastic remark, saying, "Ohhh because my name rhymes with 'One'!!!!! Look at you, you lil lyrical genius!!"

Allen finally posted a statement of her own and didn't hold back.

Wow! It's good that things have settled down between the two on Twitter, at least for now.