Admit it, you're curious what dead people are up to these days.

Legions of Theresa Caputo fans will soon perhaps have that opportunity!

The star of TLC's Long Island Medium is scheduled to appear Thursday, September 22nd at the Chester Fritz Auditorium in Grand Forks. Tickets start at $47.75 and certainly don't guarantee you a reading.  Theresa was actually in Grand Forks just three years ago.  She was also last scheduled to appear in 2018 in Bismarck.

A lot has happened in the medium's career over the last few years.

After 15 seasons on TLC, the future of the show on that network was in doubt.  Certainly, the pandemic weighed greatly on plans to continue the show. Enter the streaming service Discovery+.  In 2021, Theresa brought her huge hair and alleged uncanny abilities to a whole new network.

It was hardly a radical reinvention of the show.

Now titled Long Island Medium: There In Spirit, it finds Theresa communicating with the other-side while alongside such "celebrities" as Carmen Electra and Carnie Wilson.  The TLC episodes seem to center more on Theresa balancing her not-of-this-earth abilities with her domestic life.  Quite a bit has personally changed in her private life. If you want to be nosy you can learn more here.

The TV viewing landscape has exploded leaving so many different programs and perspectives available to viewers.  So it must be a treat to have one of your favorites come close enough for a visit.  Hopefully, she can hook you up with someone you've been missing.

Tickets are on sale now at

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