A Fargo restaurant is standing up for equality with their bathroom sign.

Earlier this week, a Fargo restaurant put a customer on blast after the restaurant received a complaint about the bathroom sign. Fargo Luna took to social media to "expose" themselves for their "political" bathroom sign. What is so controversial about the bathroom sign? The fact that it was implying gender inclusivity. Find out more here.

Luna Fargo is selling t-shirts to raise money for the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition.

Now, days later, Luna Fargo has decided to sell t-shirts in honor of the disgruntled patron's email. The shirt's decal reads "Fargo is not Portland" - a line taken directly from the customer's complaint. The Facebook post from Luna does say they did not initially intend to capitalize on the situation. However, they restaurant is seizing an opportunity to give back to the community!

For two weeks only, Luna Fargo will sell the "Fargo is not Portland" t-shirts to raise money for the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition. You can check out their Facebook page for information on how to order a shirt.

In the initial Facebook post, Luna Fargo states that their bathroom signs have always said "Whichever" because the bathrooms are single stall, in a small restaurant. So, it is interesting that the complainant chose this time to cause a fuss about it.

How do you feel about the controversy surrounding the "Whichever" bathroom signs at Luna Fargo?

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