Bismarck Public Schools made a post to its Facebook page, showing love and appreciation for those who prepare meals for our kiddos every day.

A Special Thanks

The lunch ladies of Horizon Middle School were given a special thanks last week. The women were given flowers last Friday (May 6th). Not only that, but messages of thanks from students and staff were posted all around the school.

According to the post, these lunch ladies have already cleaned up 45,000 breakfasts and 155,000 lunches so far this year. Can you believe it!

Unsung Heroes

It's not easy being a lunch lady. They have to start cooking early in the morning to make sure everything is ready by lunchtime. And let's not forget about the dishes. Mounds and mounds of dishes. Cleaning up after hundreds of kids is no easy task, but they do it every day.

It's Not Just About The Job

While the job our local lunch ladies do should be appreciated, it's not just that. It's what's not in the job description that makes it something special. These women (and men) connect with the kids. They smile together, and laugh together. These interactions make all the difference. They aren't just putting food on a plate. Their bringing smiles to the room.

On Another Random Note:

I can't be the only one, but my mind immediately goes to Adam Sandler's SNL skit. The "Lunch Lady Land" song. "Sloppy Joes, Slop-Sloppy Joes..." Anyone? If it wasn't already, I'm sure it will now be stuck in your head for the day. You're welcome!

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