Get ready North Dakota, Hollywood is knockin in the Bakken!

If you didn't know better at first look, the oil boom in the North Dakota and the Bakken may not seem like the best back drop for a plot in a mini series, but think again!

According to Variety, ABC television has ordered a pilot of shows called "Boom" set in the state, which follows the trek of a young couple as they look for a better life and fortune in the NoDak oil boom. It will have the feel of a modern day "Wild West".

The writers are  Rodes Fishburne and Josh Pate, are known for their work on TV series such as “Legends” and “Falling Skies.”

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

Networks are gun-shy when it comes to pilots, the producers are hoping this show has the same path and feel of the 80's series "Dallas" when it finally airs.