I completely missed this over the weekend! How does this not become a prairie fire?

Thank you so much to Jordan Woroniecki and his Facebook update on the Keene Rig Fire.  By the way, I totally copy/pasted his name there.  I would have had to go back and forth from the source three times to get it right. WORONIECKI.  This guy turned me on to a story via BPRN.  I story somehow I had completely missed when I was hiding from the sun over the weekend.

Some oil rig outside of Keene, North Dakota was seriously on fire.  First off, there's been no reports of injuries that I've seen, and I've not been able to find anything online stating the situation is officially over.  What I did find was links to what is I'm sure a pain in the Bakkens side- the Facebook page Bakken Oilfield Fail Of The Day.  Although it's there you'll actually find a meeting place of many of the great experienced minds of the Bakken.

Let me just say- I have no idea what I'm talking about here...I haven't worked in the oil patch, although I understand it's got to be ridiculously dangerous at all times.  But this rig fire business is insane!  All credit to Tanker Monkey for taking us through some of it in his You Tube video. 

Absolutely insane!   This is the equipped rig to end it all...by driving into it?

attachment-Bakken Oifield Fail of the Day Facebook page

Seriously, I can't intelligently comment on this Road Warrior movie set corrugated tin set-up. It seems terrifying. BUT...it's the way these heroes do business.  PLEASE read the Facebook comment section as they explain it all here.

Stay safe y'all...thanks for your dedication to getting this done.

But still...stay safe.

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