I told myself I was going to create more space in my life to spend with family and friends! I have been busy saying no to things I don't really want to do,catching up on text,calls, emails promising to get together and choosing how I want to spend my time. I have been busy in a good way check out my accomplishments:

1) Family Email Reunion- Once a week each family member checks in via email to all the rest of us spread across Hawaii, Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, New Jersey, California. I get to know how my family is first hand as life is happening to them- pneumonia,dog's, kid's,cooking, relationships. Each time I get one of these emails my heart is overjoyed. It was as simple as a mass email!

2)Zumba Time- Zumba done with a friend gives you a chance to both commit to rolling out of the bed, showing up at the gym, a quick catch up, dancing together, having fun and accomplishing a great workout all at the same time. A healthy friendship gives you a dose of fun, support and makes you feel better!

3)Lunch Don't Procrastinate "Just Do It"- This has happened often to people I love a lot, we say lets get together and it never happens or it happens months down the road. If you like a person, make time for them, make a lunch/dinner/drink/theater date and then keep it. Showing up, being present, looking your friend in the eyes and heart is powerful, it's connection and we all need it more. Blarney Brunch is always my spot Salmon Benedict, Raspberry Mimosa and good friends are a WIN!

4)Wine Tasting- Yes, head to Vintner's Cellar in the Gateway Mall sit down with Lori, Loretta and your friends at the wine bar and get to tasting. Your mouth will thank you when sipping on "Velvet Stilletto" or the bottle I took home of "Steamboat Red" a not too dry red infused with Cranberry. We drank, we caught up, we laughed and we celebrated our friendship.

5)Dakota Stage- I grew up on stage performing,singing,acting,dancing, improving and my love for live performance has never changed. So a quick escape to get lost in "Doubt", which is running now at the Dakota Stage at 412 East Main, gives you a chance to invite out your favorite people and enjoy awesome entertainment. Watch a story come to life that invites you to think, feel, observe, learn and creates great after show conversation.

I feel rich with the great people and experiences in my life. It was my choice to really honor my family and friends that is making the difference.

Live beautifully :)