If this wouldn't be true, you almost couldn't make this story up. It's funny but then again, it's sad but then again, funny!

According to UPI.com, a man suffering from dementia in Sydney, went missing from a nursing home. When police found him, he was driving a stolen hearse with a body in the back.

The funeral of the Australian human rights lawyer was interrupted Thursday when the hearse was stolen.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Funeral directors were preparing services for Seth Richardson, 52, in the  Blue Mountains just west of Sydney when a man quickly took control of the hearse  containing his coffin and body.

"One of the funeral guys who works for the funeral home went out to the hearse  to grab the trolley to put it under the coffin and in a split second this guy  jumped out of the bushes, jumped straight into the hearse and started it up"

Police arrived moments later and apprehended the suspect, who turned out to  be a 49-year-old man with dementia who had wandered from a nearby nursing home  that morning.  The whole incident lasted less than 30 minutes and the funeral went on after the incident without further incident.

Both men are now resting safely and comfortably.


(source UPI.com)