A Pennsylvania man who tried to pit his robberies on his so-called "evil twin" will spend a very long time in prison.

Steven Felton, 34, of Emmaus, whose face can be seen clearly in surveillance footage from the 10 eastern Pennsylvania gas stations and convenience stores he robbed using a pellet gun, tried claiming in court that the man in the footage is his evil twin.

Lehigh County Judge Kelly Banach, who said she was offended by the arrogance of such a claim, sentenced Felton to an astounding 62 to 134 years behind bars on Monday (Sep 21).

But the sentence was not imposed out of simple offense. Felton's string of robberies in the fall of 2012 are referred to by Chief Deputy District Attorney Matthew Falk as Felton's "reign of terror." Falk says that many of the clerks involved in the robberies were so traumatized, they have been unable to return to work.