The Mandan Police Department received a call this past Friday evening about a disturbance happening at a local apartment complex. A neighbor had heard swearing and shouting coming from one of the residences and called the cops to check up on the situation in the building. The police thought they were going to walk into a domestic violence situation. But when they arrived, they would discover that something very different was going on.

Police lights by night

It was about 11:00 PM on Friday evening when a group of friends and I were about to sit down for one last round of board games and there was a knock at the apartment door. I answered, thinking it was one of our friends who was dropping someone off and coming back for the last game. But, to everyone's surprise, it was actually a pair of Mandan Police Officers on the other side of the door.


I was greeted with, "You are not in trouble, but can we come in?" The apartment's tenant said it was cool, but we were wondering why they were even there. The officers told us that a tenant had called because they thought there was a domestic violence situation happening.

But, when the officers arrived and listened outside the door, they could tell that there was nothing terrifying going on on the other side of it. Surprisingly, the officers were actually interested in what we had going on. They asked what we were playing that caused such a ruckus. It was one of our game night favorites, Secret Hitler.

To be fair, Secret Hitler is a game that gets people yelling. It is a social deduction game and there is a lot of lying that goes on in order for the fascist characters to protect Hitler's character. And the lies and backstabbing tend to lead to all-out shouting matches - but it is all in good fun.

The two officers had a good laugh and said it was cool that we get together every week to play board games. The one officer even shouted out to us, "Have a great weekend, you bunch of fascists!" as he chuckled on his way out the door. I am sure that whole situation brightened their Friday night of work.

Do you have a funny story about why the cops have been called on you?

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