Which started out as a narcotics bust, turned into a lot more in Mandan on Wednesday, June 9th.  Officers with the Metro Area Narcotics Task Force got a search warrant for 805 13th Avenue Northwest in Mandan.  Soon after the search started, the officers observed possible explosive materials.

Because of the items observed, other agencies were called into assist and investigate.  They were the Mandan Police Department, Morton County Sheriff's Office, ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Minot Bomb Squad, The North Dakota National Guard, Mandan Fire Department and Metro Area Ambulance Service.

According to an email obtained from the Mandan Police Department, after the residence was deemed safe, officers found approximately 5 pounds of methamphetamine, approximately 300 Fentanyl/Oxycodone "blues" pills, psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana/THC was, other pills and unknown powders and drug paraphernalia.

The search also revealed over thirty weapons, to include “AK-47” style rifles.  

Now that's a bust.  Guns, lots of drugs and explosives.  Makes you wonder what these guys were capable of?  Thankfully, Mandan Police was all over the situation before it escalated.

The public was never to believed to be in any danger during the search and securing of the residence.

Two individuals were arrested for Possession with Intent to Deliver and Possession of Illegal Weapons.  Formal Charges for these offenses and charges pertaining to the explosives materials are pending.  

 The individuals who were arrested were: 

Shane M. Smith, age 40, from Mandan, North Dakota. 

Nicholas D. Lelm, age 40, from Mandan, North Dakota.




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