Since the pandemic took over the world and everything became uncertain, there have been many people who stepped up to help the community. We have heard countless stories of over-tipping or paying a bill for someone in need, helping others became big in the last year. One local postal worker has found a unique way to help people in a unique way!

A Mandan mail carrier is making a big difference in our community! According to KFYR-TV, postal worked Cameron Johnson recently noticed an empty Free Little Pantry at at Mandan’s First Lutheran Church. Heartbroken by seeing a barren pantry, Johnson began going out of his way to make sure that these pantries stay full. KFYR-TV reports that Johnson keeps track of the pantries during his work day, and comes back later to fill up the pantries that need things. Get the full heartwarming story here.

I first heard of Free Little Pantries a few years ago, but my initial introduction was with the Free Little Libraries. What an incredible concept - fill up a little cubby with items for people in need, and people will come for the items. It is really incredible that both Bismarck and Mandan have these pantries throughout the city to help people in need.

Anyone can be like Cameron Johnson and help people in need in our community. And you can help by doing something as simple and wonderful as filling up Free Little Pantries in the area. There is even a map where you can find all of the Bisman Free Little Pantry locations.


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