Even though the holiday season is way different this year - both because of the pandemic and the unseasonably warm weather - we can still make it a memorable and special one. This entire year may have hard, but it is always easy to give kindness. And today is the day to dish out all the kindness - because it is "Giving Tuesday!"

I guess I have heard of "Giving Tuesday," but was not entirely sure what it was all about until recently. It is a simple thing, really. According to Giving Tuesday's official site, a person could do something like give a smile to a stranger, help someone in need, donate to a cause, or show any other form of selfless kindness. You can read more about "the world's largest giving movement" on the Giving Tuesday website.

How can you spread kindness in Bismarck-Mandan? Well, there are a number of places that could use help and donations. Animal shelters like Kitty City are looking for donations to save animals. The new Heavens Helpers Closet (701) could use volunteers to help people in need get free supplies and clothes in a dignified manner. You could even donate supplies to the Free Little Pantries throughout town.

If you are unable to donate money or other items to local people/ places/ animals in need, you could help a neighbor unload their car. You could sit and talk to someone who seems lonely. You could even just offer up that friendly smile to someone. The opportunities to give kindness today (and every day) are endless.

How will you spread kindness on this "Giving Tuesday"?

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