According to a press release from Mandan Public Schools, the Mandan Public Schools bond referendum passes.  That means the city of Mandan will get two new schools.  A new High School to replace the current outdated facility and a brand new elementary school to help with a growing population.

Voters in the Mandan Public School District approved an $84 million bond request last night, Tuesday, April 13th.  There were 3,277 votes cast, a total of 2,551 voted in favor, while 726 voted against the referendum (these are unofficial results). This results in 77.85% of voters approving the bond referendum.  A pretty convincing victory in favor of the two new schools.

Ballots will be officially counted at the next board meeting on Monday, April 19th. The referendum will fund a new high school built to serve 1400 students and a new elementary school in the Lakewood area.  The current Mandan High School is currently extremely crowded. The District will use $9.6 million in COVID relief funds to reduce the amount of bonds issued. These funds are required to be spent by 2024.

In the press release, the Mandan Public School Board and administration wanted to thank everyone who came out and voted yesterday. “Thank you, Mandan Public School residents, for voting yes and investing in our youth and our community. We are grateful for those that have worked behind the scenes and will continue working to build facilities that will alleviate pressure from our growing enrollment and aging facilities. We also want to thank the poll workers for their hard work, dedication, and professionalism,” said Superintendent Dr. Mike Bitz.


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