His name is Chris McCrory, he is opening his heart and donating his talents to teach others

I had a 15-minute phone conversation with this 41-year-old Bismarck native this afternoon, and like many others, I can imagine, who have had the pleasure to talk with him, immediately felt uplifted by his kind efforts. Chris owns Guitar Lot - 100 Collins Ave here in Mandan - his store is filled with cool items like records, t-shirts, posters, and other musical instruments. His business also provides a place for people from ages as young as 6 years old, to those in their 60s to come in and receive guitar lessons. I can't even relate to what that must be like, on both ends - to teach someone their skills takes an enormous amount of patience, and to be the student takes desire and a willingness, commitment if you will. Chris started something special, it's called G-LOT-4 VETS:

Guitar Lot
Guitar Lot


This is a labor of love and appreciation

One-time, one-month trial for any vet - once a week for a half hour. This is something Chris is doing to show how grateful he is for their service. I won't say the cost that he is giving up in what he normally charges his students ( for one thing, it's so inexpensive ) - this is just a small part of what kind of person he is. Very few people in life can say they genuinely love what they do for a living and McCrory made that pretty clear when he told me "I don't feel like I work anymore" - If you have been thinking about taking up the guitar then do it! He is the perfect teacher - "All my students are different, each one however has a passion to learn, and practice WHAT they learn at their own pace" This sounds like a WIN-WIN for everyone.

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