Mariah Carey is a woman in love. Make that a woman in luuuuuuurve.

The singer, currently putting the finishing touches on her 14th album 'The Art of Letting Go,' shared a sexy photo that found her posing in a black bra (and not much else) for her husband, Nick Cannon, who celebrates his 33rd birthday today (Oct. 8).

While Cannon is one lucky fella to be wed to Mimi, her millions of followers also got to enjoy a look at her sexy, curvaceous body, since she tweeted it publicly.

So while it may be Cannon's birthday, we're not going to complain if his wifey shares a present!

Mimi has a va-va-va-voom figure but its' what you can't see in this photo that makes it such a scorcher.

Yes, we can marvel at the cleavage – who wouldn't? But the way her honeyed locks fall around her face, obscuring her gorgeous features and her eyes, adds an off-the-chain level of mystique to the image.

Oh, and how about the way she has her fingers placed in the middle of her boobies? Whoa! Loosen up those ties, gentleman. It's not getting hot in here. It's a sauna up in this piece.

The fact that Carey tossed a crisp white top into mix only ups the sexiness quotient.

The gig as the host of 'American's Got Talent?' Millions. The gig as Mariah Carey's husband? Priceless. Again, Nick Cannon is one lucky dude.