For a guy whose entire acting career has been overshadowed by one role he played decades ago, Mark Hamill’s got a pretty good attitude. He loves Star Wars, and what’s more, he loves how much the people who love Star Wars love Star Wars. A fixture at conventions and other fan events, Hamill regularly gets in on the fun and mingles with his adoring public. And in a new video from Lucasfilm’s charity arm Force for Change, he gives a handful of diehard devotees the surprise of their lives.

In cooperation with Unicef and Starlight Children’s Foundation, Hamill and Force for Change have partnered to offer fans a prize many would brave the Sarlacc pit for. A new sweepstakes offers winners the chance to partake in three experiences: a private viewing of A New Hope at Skywalker Ranch, the opportunity to join the cast at the premiere of The Last Jedi this December, and a walk-on role in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff film. Hamill never really explains where the money comes from, or how this benefits the charity — the video description states that entry involves little more than sending a postcard — but it doesn’t seem like Hamill’s style to con fans. This isn’t Fyre Festival.

But he does enjoy a good trick! Ever the fan of Punk’d, Hamill relishes the chance to freak the crap out of some of his devotees by sneaking up on them unawares and putting them face-to-face with Luke Skywalker. The look of total shock on his marks’ faces is good enough, and knowing it’s all for charity makes this viral stunt go down a little smoother too.

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