There is one thing I know for sure, without a doubt - MOST people on this earth love "Star Wars" - they have seen every movie, spin-off, they have tiny play-figures at home - they dress in the character's outfits during Halloween - they are and always will be obsessed with the 1977 smash-hit movie. So when someone, ANYONE has anything to do with the World-Famous space flick and they come to BisMan, it's a HUGE story.

That's exactly what happened yesterday (Tuesday) - KFYR-TV reported that we had a special visitor in town.

Dominic Pace got up close and personal with Star Wars fans at Comic Realms in Bismarck. The character actor, who is known for playing the part of Gekko the Bounty Hunter, signed autographs, took photos, and shared stories with fellow enthusiasts.

              Super-fans were beyond thrilled. Right here in our city, someone they have enjoyed watching, and who have been living out their fantasies through the actor - posed for pictures and stood inches away - in person!

                    Pace is on a two-month tour around the country.

One of the most charming features about Dominic is that he enjoys representing the role he plays in “The Mandalorian.” He is given the chance to interact with fans everywhere, and according to KFYR-TV His appearances raise money for local businesses and support various charities. 

So do you think his visit made an impact?

                                            For Bismarck, this is absolutely amazing, we’ve not had anything like this before, that I can think of. So this was really cool for him to be able to come here and for us to come out and help support him and help get the community out

I'm going to guess judging by superfan Rick Carmen's comments that he certainly did!


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