Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may be style icons with several successful fashion lines under their ultra-stylish belts, but there are still some basic fashion rules that (at least one of) the twins haven't learned.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the newly engaged Mary-Kate revealed jokingly, "You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week!"

While MK may have been laughing, her admission may not be that far off: For years we've seen the Olsen twins rocking texturized, carefree hairstyles that definitely didn't require brushing first.

Ashley, on the other hand, is more of an old pro at caring for her locks -- so much so that her friend even asked the actress to cut her hair for her!

"My friend actually also made me cut her hair the other day and that didn’t look too bad either. She had long hair, too," Ashley revealed to the magazine. "It was down to here and I cut it up to here. She made me do it, but it looks great."

"And then we had a professional come in after and clean it up a bit!" Ashley soon admitted, adding: "But it was pretty good on its own."