Miley Cyrus was just being Miley when she visited New Orleans on her Bangerz Tour earlier this week. She didn't just karaoke to Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back' at Cat's Meow. She also hit up a strip joint and had some fun.

Based on the photos that have surfaced, Miley didn't make it rain at Babe's Cabaret in the French Quarter. She didn't simply enjoy the adult entertainment provided by this establishment, either. As if!

You didn't think the twerking queen would deny herself the opportunity to get down, dirty and do a little dancing, did you? She loves shaking that thing and this location provided her with the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Wearing the same cut off jeans shorts, black tights and black jacket she wore while karaoking, Cyrus got her exercise and had her way with the stripper pole.

The images are blurry but it's pretty obvious that Miss Miley was having a grand time. Girls will be girls and Miley will be Miley.

Miley works the pole.

Pacific Coast News

Miley and a friend work the pole.

Pacific Coast News