According to Business Insider, McDonald's may be stepping up its breakfast game with a delicious new item.

In February, the popular fast food chain has plans to add 'Donut Sticks' to their breakfast menu for a least as a limited-time offering. The new menu item will be pretty much what it sounds like: strips of deep-fried dough that are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

The price of Donut Sticks at McDonald's will be six for $1.29 or a dozen for $2.39. A proposed bundle of six Donut Sticks and a coffee for $1.99 is also being pushed by the fast food franchise. This, according to internal documents viewed by Business Insider.

McDonald's has declined to comment on their plans of adding Donut Sticks to the breakfast menu. However, they have released a statement stating their customers can expect, "more delicious and craveable news to come in 2019."

A frame of reference for what you can expect when you're able to try the potential new breakfast item from McDonald's would be Dunkin' Donuts' 'Donut Fries', but unfortunately a Dunkin Donuts does not exist in the Bismarck region. Add that to the list of 'Food Places that Need to Come to Bismarck'.

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