If you're thinking about a family trip to Medora this year, don't forget to stop by the Medora Children's Park, which was recently named one of the 50 Best Playgrounds in America by EarlyChildhoodEducationZone.com!

The Medora Children's Park comes in at #38 on the list of the 50 Best Playgrounds in America, thanks to it's western theme and VERY affordable price:

Medora may be just a small town, but it features some amazing playgrounds. Medora Children’s Park was created thanks to the help of over 300 volunteers who constructed the space. The playground’s quaint western theme is reminiscent of a simpler time. The false storefronts and fort make up an Old West town, complete with a stagecoach and train engine. This free attraction is open to children of all ages, letting everyone experience the fun of being a cowboy first hand.

The Bible Story Playground, in Parker, South Dakota, also made the list, checking in at #9. Zachary's Playground, located in St. Peters, Missouri, took the top spot.

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