In today's News of the Obvious, lady-beater Chris Brown and Miley "has she become a stripper yet?" Cyrus have been voted the worst celebrity role models in a recent poll of 2,400 parents around the world.

Among the female stars, Miley earned a whopping 68 percent unpopularity rating, edging out rehab denizen Lindsay Lohan (65%), famous-by-sex-tape Kim Kardashian (63%), tabloid queen Amanda Bynes (61%), and porno-starring teen mom Farrah Abraham (59%).

Brown topped the list of unpopular male celebrities, scoring a well-earned 71 percent, which puts him above Kanye "I am the nucleus" West (67%), foul-tempered reckless driver Justin Bieber (65%), sizzurp slurping Lil Wayne (58%), warlock Charlie Sheen (56%), and lying liar Lance Armstrong (54%).

Good to know that three of the worst role models are parents, two of whom are now parenting together.

But since more than half of the moms and dads polled think celebrities as a whole are bad role models, maybe it's time to stop expecting spoiled, overpaid, judgment-impaired stars to be a good influence on kids anyway, eh?