It was almost an "Oh My!" moment in Omaha for Miley Cyrus. A fan, 18, snuck into the superstar's dressing room a day prior to her Bangerz Tour arriving in the Nebraska city.

That's scarier than any of the cray cray stuff that takes place while Miley is on the stage, entertaining her Smilers.

In all seriousness, the fan, named Tucker Salvesen, gained access to a restricted area of the Century Link Center on Wednesday, March 5. He said he received a pass from a truck driver on the tour, according to local news channel KETV reports.

He left a note, begging the singer to meet with him and followed up that old-fashioned transmission with a digital one – he then tweeted to Cyrus, telling her to look for his note and even showed a picture of her dressing room door.

According to authorities, Salvesen pledged his love for Cyrus and said that he found the answers to help cure his broken heart in her music and expressed empathy over the fact that they both went through breakups. That sounds somewhat sweet and innocuous, but sneaking in and leaving the note was an act of trespass.

The note read as follows, according to reports.

"I snuck back here I need to meet you. You have helped me so much your music has given me all the answers I was looking for when my heart got broke ... we went through the same thing @ the same time ... Miley I love you!!! Please let me meet you."

The teen was detained on the day of the concert at the venue and cited on suspicion of trespassing, according to Yahoo!

While he didn't sneak into Miley's quarters while she was on site, the fact that he was able to bypass security and gain entry is somewhat frightening. Granted, it was a day in advance, so restrictions may have been lax as opposed to day of, but still.

What if he camped out all night waiting for her? Suppose he snuck up on her or left something threatening? You just never know and Cyrus' safety could have been compromised.